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At RJ's WEB DESiGNS, we approach the World Wide Web from a marketing perspective, as well as from an engineering standpoint.  That means the services and final products we provide are the result of a well thought out marketing strategy to get you the most results for your money.

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool and, when used in conjunction with traditional marketing avenues, can increase sales, improve your image, create an online presence, and support your other advertising efforts.  It's a global marketplace that enables your customers to access important information or products anytime day or night!

This is why we offer not only web design and programming, but also a search engine maintenance program.  For a minimal monthly service fee your website address will be submitted to the most popular search engines as needed.

There is no one answer for all of the search engines available today.  Many of the large search engines, such as AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, and Excite, use sophisticated software to search through web pages and prioritize them.  The "Meta Tag" Mystery...Meta Tags are quite simply text stored on web pages that help define the content.  Information such as title, keywords, and description may all be entered into the meta tags.  Once properly placed, search engines can better determine the purpose of your site.

If you have a beautiful web site but can't be found, what benefit is your site providing you?  Search engines provide a vital link between the web surfer and the web site.  Once your site is designed, placement on search engines will lead your customers to you.  So sit back and let us manage your internet advertising.


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